“Quality ingredients, deliciously crafted. The tastiest granola I have found anywhere. And I have sampled many. I love the flavor combinations and that they are not too sweet. Love, love this product and supporting local business” ― Lisa M.

“So I'm not a granola guy, but hot damn is this good. I've filled my kid's snack cup with the Cherry Pistachio twice already today and have basically taken it down like a shot. So good." ― Dan M.

“These granola and nut butters are scrumptious!!! They are all natural and very healthy yet amazingly tasty. My favorite is the Maple Sea Salt granola and peanut butter” ― Elizabeth D.

Feed Your Journey Well

Start the day with food that’s incredibly tasty and also good for you.  We make unique & delicious small batches of granola and nut butters.  Our foods are made with healthy olive oil, low-glycemic sweeteners (maple syrup or honey), blends of nuts, seeds, and spices. We focus on nutrient rich whole foods.  

Find Us:

Proctor Farmers Market 

Saturday –  March 14th from 10am – 1pm


What We Make

Our granolas are great cereals, toppings for yogurt or ice cream, to go snacks, fuel for a day hike, and more!  Our nut butters are for sandwiches, spreads on toast, to mix in with your yogurt, or simply by the spoonful.